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Part 4 - Nominal Roll All ANZAC POW "Evades" in Switzerland

The account of the Alpine Airmen in Switzerland has been fully set down in Part 3 of this Compendium for their stories best illustrate the vital difference in status in a host neutral country, between "evadees" and "internees". The latter were confined to airmen and no distinction was made between their various squadrons. This distinction has no bearing on the contents of Part 4 which presents the full Nominal Roll of all ANZAC POW who reached Switzerland - irrespective of service.

The Swiss Who's Who - "Which blokes made it to Switzerland"

This complete Swiss Nominal Roll is divided into 5 Chapters for all AIF personnel, dividing them up within the various Divisions, Brigades and Battalions, with all the New Zealand personnel in Chapter 6.

This Part includes the Complete Nominal Roll in Chapter 1 as well as detailing the personal experiences of the narrators while in Switzerland.

For those in the AIF Sixth Division, please go to Chapter 2, for those in the AIF Seventh Division, please go to Chapter 3 and for those in the Ninth Division, please go to Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 is further divided into separate sections for the 20th Brigade, the 24th Brigade and the 26th Brigade.

2NZEF personnel are in Chapter 6.

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