anzac POW freemen in europe

Part 4 - Nominal Roll All ANZAC POW "Evades" in Switzerland

Chapter 1 - Complete Nominal Roll Swiss "Free Men"

The following .pdf files contain the Complete Nominal Roll of all ANZAC POWs who became "Free Men" in Switzerland.

While this is a "Complete" Nominal Roll, they are still in a stage of refinement as new information is received from both official and unofficial sources. This information is current as at July 4, 2008.

For convenience, they are sorted in three ways. To view the appropriate printable .pdf file, please click on the following:

  1. To view all Swiss "Free Men" sorted alphabetically by surname. 
  2. To view all Swiss "Free Men" sorted by army unit.
  3. To view all Swiss "Free Men" sorted by date of arrival in Switzerland.
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